Scholarship Fund

Thanks to several generous members and all who have supported the ATFA through the purchase of the vanity “I’d rather be in the woods!” license plate, the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association will now offer scholarships to Alabama students studying forestry or wildlife sciences. Beginning the fall semester of 2019, ATFA has partnered with Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and Lurleen B. Wallace Community College’s Forest Technology program to offer financial aid to four Alabama students. The Association will provide two $1,000 scholarships to Auburn students pursing degrees in forestry or wildlife sciences. Additionally, two $500 scholarships will be available for students at LBW Community College enrolled in the Forest Technology program.

The Board of Directors felt that this was an outstanding opportunity to further the Association’s mission to promote, educate and improve. I know firsthand how impactful a scholarship can be, for some students it can make the difference in finishing their degree or dropping out. I’m looking forward to watching our relationship grow with future natural resources professionals, particularly knowing that the Association is playing an active role in the professional development of those who will one day manage our state’s forests.

- ATFA Executive Director William Green

The scholarships are funded through private donations, the purchase of an “I’d rather be in the woods!” vanity license plate and by the ATFA’s silent auction during the Alabama Landowners Conference. To support the Scholarship Fund today, use the donation option below or send a check to the ATFA Scholarship Fund, PO Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191. To apply for a scholarship, contact the financial aid office for the respective school.