Hunt Lease Liability Insurance

Hunt Lease Liability Insurance

Through a partnership with Outdoor Underwriters, LLC, the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association is proud to offer discounted pricing on Hunt Club & Landowner Liability Insurance.


Hunting Lease Liability Insurance

Hunt lease liability insurance (or hunt club insurance) will provide liability coverage to landowners, hunt clubs, members, and guests. Hunt club insurance protection covers policy holders from occurrences arising out of hunting activities and operations and protects members, guests, invitees, agents, or employees.  Have peace of mind knowing your land, hunt club and members are covered.

  • Member to member coverage
  • Guest liability coverage
  • Damage to Premises rented to you (fire damage liability)
  • Medical expenses – coverage for accident unrelated to liability (optional)
  • Premises/Operations liability
  • Cross liability

Why do you need Hunt Lease Liability Insurance?

Landowners have a duty to protect their valuable assets from the inherent risks associated with land ownership, such as claims made against them by guests and trespassers.

Hunt clubs need liability coverage to protect members, staff, and guests from occurrences associated with the hunting activities and operations.

Hunters need liability insurance to protect themselves, other members, and guests.

Are there any additional benefits of hunt lease liability coverage?

Hunt Club Insurance provides you with greater land leasing flexibility, increased income, and easy to manage uniform insurance coverage.

Click here for a printable hunt lease liability insurance form!


Timberland Liability Insurance

Timberland Liability Insurance is available to help protect your valuable timberland investments. This liability program provides legal liability coverage for timberland owners and was designed to provide general liability protection for owners of vacant timberland.

Under the common law a landowner has a duty to inspect the property, remove hidden dangers, keep the property in reasonably safe conditions, and to take precautions to protect a user from foreseeable danger whether they be:

  • Invitees – an individual or group of individuals who have been expressly invited on the property.
  • Licensees – a social guest, or
  • Trespassers – uninvited guests insured to a lesser degree.

Click here for a printable timberland liability insurance form!



For more information, please click here to visit our partners, Outdoor Underwriters, LLC.