Bill Moody Award Nomination Form

Bill Moody Award Nomination Form

The Bill Moody Award, named after retired State Forester William C. Moody, is given annually by the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association to a TREASURE Forest Landowner who exemplifies Mr. Moody’s belief and commitment to the multiple use philosophy imbued in the TREASURE Forest program.  The Bill Moody Award is the highest honor the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association bestows on a TREASURE Forest Landowner(s). 

We are seeking the nomination of forest landowners who fit the ideals embodied in this award and of the TREASURE Forest program.  When Mr. Moody established the TREASURE Forest Program, he envisioned it as a way to recognize landowners who took extra steps to demonstrate not just a commitment to multiple use management, but to helping others understand and appreciate the benefits which forests provide to the landowners and society.    

A landowner deserving of this award believes in:

Stewardship — recognizing that God has entrusted them with a TREASURE to be managed in a way that guarantees ….

Sustainability — Knowing that the land must be taken care of in order to provide for their children and grandchildren the way it provided for them, their parents and grandparents through …

Education — Passing on the knowledge they been given on how to care for the land to students, landowners and others by working in …

Partnership — Realizing that by working together with landowners, resource professionals and others who share their passion for forestry, they can make a difference in the future. 

Nomination Form

If you know a landowner who lives according to this philosophy, please nominate them for this award by filling out and submitting the form below. Provide the basic information requested below and a short narrative explaining why this person meets Mr. Moody’s expectation of what a TREASURE Forest is.

  • Please explain why you believe this land owner is managing his/her property in accordance with Mr. Moody’s vision for the TREASURE Forest program. In your narrative, please consider the four words above—stewardship, sustainability, education and partnership.