Gary Fortenberry Award Nomination Form

Gary Fortenberry Award Nomination Form


Awards may be given to one individual from each of the four regions of Alabama recognized by the ATFA as North, Central, Southeast and Southwest.

The individual must be a representative of a member organization or agency of the Alabama Forestry Planning Committee or other Forest Resource related organization other than ATFA.

The objective of this award is to recognize representatives of government agencies, academia, industry and other forest resource organizations for their partnership with and support of ATFA at the local County Chapter level. Nominees will be judged for their contributions based on any of the following categories:

  • Building and growing a County Chapter
  • Participation in Chapter activities
  • Support in empowering and encouraging landowners to take lead roles in Chapter activities such as: tours, seminars, educational programs
  • Outreach efforts to include youth, women, minorities and non-forest landowners in ATFA Chapter activities and programs
  • Other areas of support and partnership with County Chapter or the state association

Winners will be recognized at the Annual Meeting. Each award winner's agency or organization will be recognized. The County Chapter that nominates the award winner in each region will be recognized and receive a monetary award to be used for Chapter activities.

Please explain why you believe this land owner is managing his/her property in accordance with Mr. Moody’s vision for the TREASURE Forest program. In your narrative, please consider the four words above—stewardship, sustainability, education and partnership.

Gary Fortenberry Partnership Award Nomination Form

  • Give a brief description of how this person has supported your ATFA County Chapter in one or all of the attached guideline areas.