Classroom in the Forest

Classroom in the Forest

Alabama’s Classroom in the Forest

The Alabama TREASURE Forest Association (ATFA) is dedicated to developing a network of landowners and stakeholders in our forests that is empowered with the desire and ability to encourage and educate our youth, other landowners, and the general public concerning the management of these resources. Classroom in the Forest – Forest in the Classroom was created to communicate the role of private lands and private landowners in environmentally and economically benefiting Alabama and all of its people. This project provides forest landowners, stakeholders, and professionals the opportunity to work together to teach children and their teachers a feeling of pride and respect for the land and private landowners.

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What exactly is Classroom in the Forest?

Classroom in the Forest has two goals. The first goal is to educate fifth-grade students and their teachers about multiple use management of our forest resources and how important private landowners are in the management of these valuable resources. The second goal is to involve private landowners and stakeholders in the education of our youth, other landowners, and the general public about the importance of our natural resources. To promote good stewardship, the ATFA is developing Volunteer Resource Teams to take the Forest to the Classroom, and the Classroom to the Forest. To reach these goals, the ATFA will:

1.) Provide Teaching Resource Kits
– Teaching Guides, Activity Sheets, Handouts, Brochures, etc.
2.) Develop Volunteer Resource Teams
– Recruit volunteers from private landowners, resource agencies, ATFA members, stakeholders and others.
– Provide two 2 hour development sessions for volunteer training on the use of Teaching Resource Kits.
3.) Take the forest to fifth grade classrooms.
– Volunteer Resource Teams will make presentations to fifth graders in their classroom.
4.) Take fifth-grade classrooms to the forest.
– Field trips to a Certified TREASURE Forest.
5.) Give ATFA membership to each participating classroom.

The emphasis of the ATFA is to promote wise management of our forest resources and to educate the general public on the importance of private land ownership and private landowners. Classroom in the Forest will expose more school-age children to the TREASURE Forest philosophy of managing our forests for a variety of resources in a way that sustains productivity for future generations.

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